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Season's Greetings!

Published: Nov 17, 2019


We are wishing you Love and the Merriest of Holidays.  

We'll see you all next year XOX

What a great year for us at Through The Eye International and The Herb Farm Co.  We've been able to help so many people and their Animals.  Since studying with Dr. Pau in Italy concerning 'heavy metals' and their effects on us and our animals we have been more affective in helping the body heal.  Iridology is now teaching us about the color changes in the eye of the human showing lead, iron, sodium ect. What a break through for all the natural healers.

Our classes will start back in February. Our first class is in human iridology. This will be a refresher course for our students in iridology and now will show the colors of heavy metals. You will be able to see and recognize the metals, where they are located and how to stop them.


                     HAPPY HOLIDAYS,

                              Jack and Mercedes