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Scooter Vs. Heavy Metals

Published: Jun 07, 2020

I believe toxic metals are the number one barrier to good, long-term health for us and our families (human, dog, cat, or horse).   Our environment has been under attack by heavy metal contamination for years. This pollution is in our air, food chain, and water sources.  It has become a silent killer and is debilitating to our family, friends, and pets.

I would like to tell you about Scooter. Scooter is a chestnut quarter horse and one of the most beautiful horses on the show circuit.  He was given to me because of his health problems. Scoot was 15 years old when his owners shipped him to me at the Herb Farm Co.  He had been on the show circuit since he was 2 years old and every time he was shown in a new area he was given a shot to protect him from any diseases from the other horses.

I had seen Scooter win in many horse shows and knew he was coming to the Herb Farm to retire.  I was very excited to meet him face to face.

When Scooter got here I was so saddened to see him in such a bad condition.  He was lame on three legs, loss of color in his coat, and very depressed.  

The first thing to do was get Scooter to his new paddock; fresh hay, water, and rest. The next day, we used our iridology camera to photograph his eyes and found he had a lot of heavy metals in his system due to all the shots he had been given through the years along with the fact that his original owners kept him next to an agricultural field that was periodically sprayed for insects. Occasionally the wind would carry the toxic spray into his area.

We had used a liquid mineral product called zeolite on our human clientele. We used zeolite to get rid of toxic heavy metals. The results had been outstanding. Our human clients were sleeping better, there was decreased inflammation in their bodies and they were experiencing better digestion.

We put Scooter through heavy metal detox therapy using zeolite and within 1 month he was feeling much better and his shiny coat was coming back.

Today Scooter is living a quiet, healthy life at The Herb Farm Co and is a living testimony for zeolite

Heavy metals are a huge deterrent for all of our good health; whether we are talking about us, our family, our friends, or our pets. These are just a few examples:

The top four heavy metals are:
1. Arsenic –organic and inorganic used as pesticides and weed killers in pastures and nearby agriculture
2. Mercury – contaminated water
3. Lead – contaminates water
4. Aluminum – used for cans for drinking, kitchen utensils, and large containers used in fields to  
Hold water for horses

Until we clear the way through these toxic metals we will not be able to absorb nutrients for health, healing and longevity.

To find out more Zeolite and how to use it, call Mercedes at 831-422-9182.