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Happy Holidays!
Published Dec 17, 2022

In the new year, I will be using my books to show the eyes and the reflexology points of the human, dog, cat and horse and how we all can help by using herbs and oils.

Iridology Report Generator For Windows
Published Aug 27, 2020

This Iridology generated report is a Windows-compatible program that quickly and easily generates a multi-page iridology report from the analyses of the eye that you or a qualified iridologist has performed.

Scooter Vs. Heavy Metals
Published Jun 07, 2020

Heavy metals are a huge deterrent for all of our good health; whether we are talking about us, our family, our friends, or our pets. Zeolite is a product that helps remove the heavy metals from our systems so we can more effectively absorb vitamins and minerals.

Heavy Metals as Seen Through the Eye
Published May 18, 2020

My business for the last forty years has been iridology and herbs. I have taught iridology in natural health colleges and privately here on the Herb Farm. Having the knowledge of how to use the eye to help the body rebuild and/or correct a problem is priceless. Iridology is the best diagnostic tool coupled with alternative medicine that I know of.

Nature's Sunshine
Published Apr 29, 2020

We highly recommend Nature's Sunshine Company Herbs. Natures Sunshine Company gives us the tool to build and repair all systems in the body.

Published Apr 19, 2020

If you are looking for these improvements in your life, you need ZEOLITE. On the continual use of zeolite you will find its micro property abilities to improve your body’s abilities to fight disease.

Published Apr 07, 2020

I believe that talking to you about the effects of toxic (heavy) metals in your body and how to eradicate them is the most sincere help that I can give to all my clients whether they are human or animal.

Published Jan 17, 2020

What I believe to be the #1 enemy of good health in the world for us and our animals; heavy metals. These toxic metals are affecting each of us in different ways, from debilitating and killing diseases to the common cold.

Season's Greetings!
Published Nov 17, 2019

Season's Greetings! See you in 2020! Our classes will start back in February. Our first class is in human iridology. This will be a refresher course for our students in iridology and now will show the colors of heavy metals. You will be able to see and recognize the metals, where they are located and how to stop them.

CBD, Hemp Hair Care & Essential Oils
Published Oct 22, 2019

We offer CBD oils in a variety of strengths and flavors, rub-on pain relief cream, anti-aging face creams, Hemp based hair & body care products, sprays for weight loss, essential oils and much more.