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Heavy Metals as Seen Through the Eye

Published: May 18, 2020

HEAVY METALS as Seen Through The EYE.

My business for the last forty years has been iridology and herbs. I have taught iridology in natural health colleges and privately here on the Herb Farm. Having the knowledge of how to use the eye to help the body rebuild and/or correct a problem is priceless.   Iridology is the best diagnostic tool coupled with alternative medicine that I know of.


I believe that “heavy metals are the #1 barrier to your good  health”.  One of the four most dangerous metals:

1.  Mercury shows up in the eye as the whitest deposit in the brain.  You will find these markings from people who have had a stroke, dementia or paralysis

2.   Lead: You will see a purple color right after the pupil in zone 1 & 2. You will see this color in the eyes of painters or people working with lead or welding

3.    Arsenic will show in the brain as tophi pearls, snowflakes

4.   Cadmium: acute inhalation of cadmium can cause flu-like symptoms and shows up as severe swollen eyelids

Almost All medications used for treating health conditions include heavy metals and side effects

ZEOLITE: Removes Heavy Metals! Until we clear heavy metals from the body we cannot absorb nutrients for health, healing and longevity!

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