About Dr. Mercedes Colburn

Dr. Mercedes Colburn has a background in Iridology (the study of the iris), herbology, nutrition and she is also a doctor of naturopathy and a strong proponent of CBD products. For more than three decades she has been helping people make good alternative choices for their healthcare and pointing out the dangers of heavy metals and the effects they are having on the human body and the bodies of our dogs, cats and horses. In association with veterinarian Dr. Dena Eckerdt, she developed the first accurate and proven equine iridology chart. This grid has now been used by people all over the world to expand the life of their horses, cats, and dogs.

"The eye of the horse is like a blueprint of the horse", Dr. Colburn states. "We can see in the eye, inflammation, where it's located and what stage it's in." She adds that toxicity in the body can also be seen using the grid. Iridology allows you to see - by way of the iris - the various systems in the body and how they relate to other systems in the body. By finding these health issues early, these health issues can be corrected, expanding the lifetime and health of our pets

While finishing her studies in London, she became even more aware of how the environment has been under attack for years by heavy metal contamination.  This pollution is in our air as well as the food and water chain and has become a silent killer. This has led Dr. Colburn to be a strong proponent of products designed to mitigate the damages these heavy metals have caused.

These days, Dr. Colburn is focused on educating people about the toxic metals in so many of the vaccines and medications we are prescribed...both for ourselves and our four-legged friends.



Mercedes Colburn, MA, ND, PhD
1977 MA, Vocational Education, University of California, Berkeley
1987 Certification/Iridology Dr. J. Richardson
1988 Herbalist, Dr. Richardson
1988-1989 House Herbalists at Through the Eye International (formerly the Herb Farm Co.)
1989 Certified Nutritional Herbalist, Mark Peterson
1989 Certified Herbalist, Dr. Jim Jenks
1989-Certification/Iridology, Dr. Bernard Jensen.
1990 Certified nutritional Herbalist. Dr. J. Richardson
1992 Certified Herbal Consultant, Joan Vandergriff
1995-Present Researcher/Educator/Equine Iridology
1998 MA, Holistic Healing, Steve Horn
1999 Iridologist/Herbalist, Dr. Jim Jenks
2000 Certified Iridology, Dr. Jim Jenks
2001 Doctor of Naturopathy, Trinity College, IN
2006 PhD, Richmond’s University, London, England